Thursday, May 25, 2006

armi and danny - "i wanna love you tender"

Probably the worst clip ever – without a doubt the most schmaltzy lyrics of all time!

I love you, I wanna love you tender.
You could be my only sweet surrender.
I would never bring you any kind of sorrow.

You love me, you wanna love me tender.
How can I be sure you're not pretender?
You want me today,
But what about tomorrow?

Oh, you're absolutely fine,
Your lips are taste of wine.
I'd like to think you're mine.
And if I could touch your hand,
This rock would turn to sand,
So this is where we stand.


Danielle said...

Ive' seen this video once before. Its horribly funny!

Anonymous said...

I shall never listen to the music again. Ever.

Images said...

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